Flickr Alternatives: 10 Best Photo Sharing Sites

Flickr Alternatives: 10 Best Photo Sharing Sites

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Flickr announces all public Creative Commons works are now protected from deletion

Recently in last few days a new phenomenon started when fake or real I don’t care girls upload one or two naked picture and in comments randomly tag hundreds of flickr users. I recently opened this at work but luckily only on phone and not on wifi. From that point there is at least one post like this every day and it is pissing me off.

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Just days before Flickr mass deletes photos across its platform, the company has decided to hit its users with some good news. In a blog post on Friday, Flickr announced that it will allow free accounts to host and upload more than the 1, photo limit if the photos are licensed freely under Creative Commons. Users can change their current photos to Creative Commons licensing, as well as upload future similarly licensed photos, to their free Flickr accounts.

After Flickr, one of the largest photo-sharing website, was acquired by Smugmug last year, the company announced sweeping changes to its account policies. Free accounts would be limited to no more than 1, image uploads. The photo-sharing platform originally planned to begin deleting photos on February 5 but have since pushed it back to March Flickr had also announced at the time that publicly licensed photos uploaded prior to Nov 1, would be exempt from deletion.

Now, the company has extended its policy to host public Creative Commons licensed works regardless of when they were uploaded.

20 flickr Stats and Facts (2020) | By the Numbers

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Flickr tackling online image theft with new AI service

Millions of users upload photos to sites like Flickr, along with other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Content creation is easier than ever before, but copyright issues can get murky when it comes to who owns what after uploading content to certain platforms. Flickr is a popular photo and video-sharing website, created in by Ludicorp, and now owned by SmugMug as of April According to The Verge, tens of millions of people are registered on Flickr , and millions of photos are uploaded daily.

Flickr was specifically chosen over other potential sites (e.g. Picassa, office that holds the documentary photography of the Institution dating back to the first.

Invasion of the Flickr Admin Impostors. Apr 12, 2 min read. By Colonel-Knight-Rider Watch. I can’t believe I’m making a fourth journal entry about another specific type of spambot. Oh, well, by the time I’m done writing this, that type of bot will be abolished in a week. I hope. This time, their user names follow a random four-syllable naming convention unless you count “ia” as two syllables.

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Flickr is an American image hosting and video hosting service, as well as an online community. It was created by Ludicorp in and has been popular with hosting high resolution photos by amateur and professional photographers. As of March 20, , Flickr had a total of 87 million registered members and more than 3.

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If you use it for trying to hook up with other people for the purposes of sexual gratification you will find your account deleted very quickly. You do not have to tell Flickr if you are single or taken, you can either use “other” or use a privacy setting to keep it entirely private. There ARE many people who gather together via Flickr – normally regional groups who spend time together taking photos and swapping advice. No doubt some of them become real friends, and some hit off well.

I used the Cornwall Group to meet many other photographers and made some real friends. I then moved north and joined Peoples Republic of Teesside – made many more friends and was includied in an exhibition they held in Middlesbrough.

Online Dating/Nison Yakupov/Flickr. Source: Online Dating/Nison Yakupov/Flickr. Despite the interest among many older adults, opportunities.

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I don’t have any training in photography but I’ve been using this technique without knowing it!

Responsively Embed Flickr Albums into Your Website

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